Project Description


Fenwick Ltd. owns a department store on Colchester High Street.  The store was acquired by Fenwick in 2008 and the company began to put together proposals for the redevelopment and expansion of the store in 2012.

The store is one of the leading department stores in the area with a long local history.  Due to the gradual expansion of the store over the previous 40 years, it is restricted in terms of circulation and is limited in terms of retail opportunities.

The redevelopment sought to bring an additional 50% floor space, expanding the store and removing a number of locally listed buildings and frontages.


Fenwick were keen to implement a detailed, consistent and intensive engagement process covering existing customers, decision-makers, local businesses and residents.  In addition, the corporate reputation of the Fenwick Family was central.  A detailed communications strategy was developed and agreed with the officers prior to implementation. This included:

  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Mailings to the customer database
  • Managing relations with the store management
  • Liaison with local businesses
  • Briefings to local councillors
  • Public exhibitions
  • Utilisation of social media and print media

The project was implemented over an extended period of time to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.


The plans were approved by the local council and the newly renovated store opened in September 2016.