Project Description


Snapdragon Consulting were appointed to support the planning application for the redevelopment of the existing Stratford Office Village, off Romford Road, Stratford. The application proposed a complete demolition and rebuild of existing business space to create new SME studio space alongside a residential development.

Positioned within the St Johns conservation area, next to the Old Dispensary building, the site was bounded by many constraints and engagement with key stakeholders from the outset was essential.


Agreed at the onset, the consultation programme was positioned to frame the proposals within the wider vision for Stratford, taking a holistic view of the area while respecting the conservation constraints.

Key messages were developed to ensure that a consistent set of values ran through all materials and contact with stakeholders. The engagement programme culminated in a public exhibition held within the Burford Road Business Centre, a short walk from Stratford Office Village.

An additional exhibition session was held for current Workspace customers located within Stratford Office Village, allowing them to discuss future options and the implications the proposals would have on their tenancies.

The exhibition allowed members of the project team to exhibit the proposals to the local community and to talk through any concerns that attendees raised in person. Some sensitive issues arose throughout the process which required careful handling and communication to local stakeholders.

The programme was thus supplemented with stakeholders meetings, including contact with neighbouring landowners East Thames Housing. Newham councillors were also informed of the plans and invited to engage with the project team.


The project team were very happy with the level of engagement had with local stakeholders, and the proposals were approved by Newham Council.