Solution in his Pocket

By | November 21st, 2014|Development, Housing, London, Views|

Every time a twenty-something opens a page with one of these headlines on the Tube, there is a palpable sigh and a swiftly executed turning of the page. This is the resigned acceptance of the twenty-something that the dream of property ownership, ingrained at such a young age, is as quixotic as a winning a tidy sum on the Euromillions.

The Great Mire of London

By | July 29th, 2014|Housing, London, Politics, Views|

is no secret that housing is at the very top of the political agenda at the moment. A lot of coverage has been generated recently about housing supply, interest rates, and access to finance, but what is to become of London’s young professionals who constitute the future of the city? Snapdragon’s Alex Green offers some thoughts on the subject:

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