Digital Consultation

We will assess your online presence and propose and carry out an online media strategy to ensure the digital world works for you. Having an online presence is crucial. 

Digital Consultation

Snapdragon at PLMR have an in-house digital design team who specialise in creating consultation websites. This can be amplified by a presence on digital channels of communication, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and Vimeo. With hard-to-reach remote communities or fatigued residents, digital consultation helps to secure the support of those who might not engage with a traditional consultation process. 


Mapdragon is a digital consultation platform which allows for real-time updates on what stakeholders are saying about your planning application. Mapdragon shows where consultees are located to help focus your consultation efforts and highlight the issues that are causing concern, helping you to address and manage them.

Creating a Mapdragon site allows you to have an online presence as part of a wider planning consultation programme and provide residents and stakeholders with an online place to find out more information and give their feedback. This helps to increase outreach to hard-to-reach groups who may be unwilling or unable to engage in person. 

By providing an online platform which interacts with key social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, a younger audience will have the ability to have their views heard during the consultation process.