Throughout the UK, the need to consult local communities on planning applications remains a crucial part of any development, as resident voices are given increasing merit at all levels of government.

Stakeholder Relations

Across all of our offices, we work with clients to engage with stakeholders, manage any concerns, and identify opportunities to cultivate positive relationships, no matter how big or small the project is.

We understand that engagement is not “one size fits all”. Tailored programmes that use both traditional methods, such as face-to-face meetings and public exhibitions, as well as more innovative tools, including our online consultation software ‘Mapdragon’, provide comprehensive communications strategies to engage with local communities at all levels, where possible securing proposals that benefit from local support, likely resulting in a smoother process through to a decision committee. 

We’ve compiled large and small communications plans with a range of simple and complex activities, using techniques ranging from large-scale roadshow events for strategic land in the Green Belt, knocking on neighbour’s doors for small developments in urban areas, and hosting specific issue-based workshops with key stakeholders and interested parties. We have also hosted wholly online consultation with opportunities for participation with hard to reach groups. Each has its place as part of a bespoke programme.