Elizabeth Carey, one of our team of consultants here at Snapdragon Consulting, gives her view on our breakfast briefing with the Leader of Lambeth Council, Cllr Lib Peck

After much anticipation, the Snapdragon Breakfast Briefing – or ‘snapchatter’ event finally landed at Waterloo, on Wednesday 2nd July. Complete with the best pastries this side of the river, property professionals and their expertise gathered to listen to Lib Peck, leader of Lambeth Council, speak on development throughout the Borough.

Set at the 1901 Arts Club – a venue full of unique character, our subject could not have been more fitting. From the Old Vic down to the Ritzy, Lambeth’s assets make it a place that people are proud to call home.

Cllr Peck opened with a colourful analysis of what Lambeth will look like in the next decade, from Waterloo down to Streatham – her picture was clear and concise, displaying high regard and great expectations for one of London’s most distinctive and diverse boroughs.

Perhaps the most interesting detail was her continuous enthusiasm for community engagement in development; she prides her council as one that encourages a close engagement with local communities and developers.

Lambeth has worked to revolutionise its image on planning, being well known to many for bureaucracy with a capital B and planning committees lasting almost as long as the Elizabeth House saga.

‘Consult, Analyse, Engage’ – this is the Snapdragon tag line for a reason. Lib Peck clearly believes the community needs to lie at the heart of the consultation process, and that engagement is integral in creating a legacy between development and investment. As a borough, Lib Peck talks of the great civic pride that is shared across Lambeth. As a council – Lambeth will respond positively to those who are willing to invest in more than just physical structure.

There was clear optimism for a better borough, and a growing borough. Lib Peck spoke of the innovative engagement initiatives taken on, wtih projects such as Somerleyton Road.

While Lambeth is due a staggering amount of development in the next 10 years, Lib Peck believes that growth goes beyond concrete, bricks and tall buildings. Investment will not only make Lambeth a more dynamic borough, but a desirable, modern and unique borough for those growing up in it today.