Corporate Communications

All businesses need to have a comprehensive communications strategy in order to secure their place in the market.

Snapdragon has the skills, network, and resources to create and implement an effective corporate communications programme for your business.

Our strategy looks at the position of your business within the market, identifying how this can be changed and strengthened through the use of profile-raising and improved marketing output. We work with you to create and implement a framework to ensure consistency and focus across content and communications.

We deliver bespoke content creation packages for businesses within the Built Environment that utilise the appropriate social media platforms and press sources, and look for opportunities within to build the business profile and improve investor relations.

We can develop a stakeholder relations and events programme, underpinning the corporate communications programme and securing relevant profile-raising opportunities.

Businesses in the Built Environment can’t afford to dismiss the importance of having a strong and comprehensive corporate communications strategy. We can advise you in your marketing efforts as a whole, or focus on profile-raising, social media, or another area – we are able to tailor the programme to your needs. Find out more by getting in touch with us.