Political Audits

Do you need to know more about the political dynamics surrounding a certain site?

Our political audit service can help provide valuable insight to help you better understand the surrounding context of a given site, at any stage in the planning process.

From the outset of any project, it is vital to understand who the key players are, and how to build strong relationships with them. Our political audit service can help with this, by providing a comprehensive overview of the area in question, the local political context, community dynamics, and planning policy.

Our audits are most useful when conducted at the early stages of a planning project – whether this takes place while exploring the feasibility of a project, or following the acquisition of a site. Site-specific audits will take into account the local dynamics at a micro and macro level, allowing for the most comprehensive understanding of the area.

We can conduct desk-based research at the outset of a project, to give you an overview of the local context – then, for those projects which may require more hands-on work, we can implement a monitoring system to keep track of local press and politics over a given period. The audit service is flexible, and able to adjust to each project’s specific requirements.