Stakeholder Engagement

Development projects of all kinds are becoming increasingly controversial in the UK and there are genuine concerns to be addressed within communities.

We work to engage with stakeholders, manage these concerns, and identify opportunities to cultivate positive relationships, no matter how big or small the project is.

We understand that engagement is not “one size fits all”. To undertake effective consultation and genuine engagement, there is a requirement for clear objectives and an understanding of the audience. We’ve run large and small projects using techniques ranging from workshop-based events for strategic land in the Green Belt to knocking on neighbour’s doors for small developments in urban areas. Each has its place as part of a bespoke programme.

We have experience of delivering stakeholder engagement programmes across a number of different types of projects including:

  • Strategic land

  • Residential development

  • Commercial/mixed-use development

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy and Waste

  • Education

  • Sports stadiums and villages

  • Leisure

We work with you to develop your communications objectives, understand your audience, and develop and constantly refine your strategy. We’ve got your back.